Hanife 1
Photo Credit: Lea Luka Sikau

I am an international and interdisciplinary scholar and practitioner of theatre and performance studies. I received graduate training in theatre and performance studies at Tufts University, Emerson College, and Ankara University. I obtained my bachelor’s degree in Education with a minor in Sociology from Middle East Technical University. I was awarded various grants to conduct research in the theatres and archives in Germany. 

My research interests broadly lie at the intersection of Theatre, Performance Studies, and Sociology. As a scholar, I am specifically interested in how experimental theatre and performance arts respond to cultural, political, and social issues in Germany, Turkey, and the US. As a practitioner, I served in productions as the dramaturg and assistant director and directed my version of Lorca’s Yerma. I also performed in various international devised performances as a co-creator. 

My current ethnographic research project examines the three-sided relationship among Shermin Langhoff’s artistic directorship, multilingual performances of/by second-generation Turkish immigrants, and the audiences at the Maxim Gorki Theater in Berlin. I also explore how second-generation Turkish immigrants have established careers in film and literature in Germany. I am an alumna of the Mellon School of Theater and Performance Research at Harvard University, where I participated in the 2019 Session on Migrations.

“If some people no longer want to give the name theatre to such a practice situated between “theatre”, performance, visual art, dance, and music, we should not hesitate to turn to Brecht who proposed ironically that when people no longer wished to call his new forms “theatre”, they could call them “thaetre” instead.”

-Hans-Thies Lehmann. Postdramatic Theatre, 2006.